True North

True North is a personal compass that points to the places you care about.

The compass wheel spins to north, while the pointer indicates the direction. Distance as well as walking time is given, in case that desire should ever strike you.

Created by Haiyan Zhang, in collaboration with Neil Churcher. Please email your feedback & suggestions.

Share your True Norths. Take a screenshot (press the power + home button at the same time) and tweet it using the hashtag #truenorthapp.

November 13, 2012 - Read up here on some further thoughts behind the design (plus what those mysterious backgrounds mean). 464 app downloads to date!

July 21, 2012 - New update is out, fixing a minor bug with calculating distance in miles. Please update!

@Geek_Manager Loving cute app from @haiyan that points you to your personal compass points. I'm quite far from home! #truenorthapp


@mhauer: Berlin, Berlin. #truenorthapp awesome by @haiyan

@pgajjar: My true north :) Great job @haiyan! #truenorthapp

@crowcrag: Another. #truenorthapp

@crowcrag: One of my true norths. #truenorthapp

@CFliegner: Giving True North Compass app by @haiyan a whirl. #farfromhome #thoughtful

@basil: Oh. An app to make you sad by @haiyan. But lovely.

@danielnaca: Lovely little concept app here , congrats @haiyan

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